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4 Tips When Looking for Tractor Sales Norcross GA

Tractor Sales Norcross GA at Mason Tractor Company

Most farmers throughout Georgia use tractors to plow, till, harrow, plant and perform other similar tasks. With so many different types of tractors on the market today, it can be intimidating when choosing the best brand that works best on your farms. Since we are one of the best tractor dealers in Georgia, we have come up with quick tips to help you get a tractor that’s right for your needs. Read on to learn more.

1. Consider the tasks at hand

You need to ask yourself what kind of task you want to accomplish. The answer to this question will be the driving force to determining the type of tractor you need for your farm. It will also help you figure out the type of implements you will need to accomplish the task successfully. Other specific questions you need to ask yourself include:

  • Do you intend to use your tractor to remove snow or to mow grassy fields?
  • What kind of terrain you have on your land?
  • Do you intend to lift heavy materials like stones, gravel or much?

2. Determine what type of engine you need in your tractor

Once you know the type of task you want to accomplish, the next important thing is to choose the type of engine that can provide enough power to accomplish that task. Most tractors run on diesel or gasoline. If you intend to lift heavy materials, diesel engines will be the best choice as they offer more power compared to the gas engines. Another thing to keep in mind is that engine power is measured in horsepower. So if you intend to accomplish intense farming tasks, a tractor with a high horsepower engine will be the best choice.

3. Two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive?

You also need to determine the right tire tread for your tractor. In most cases, a four-wheel drive tractor of any brand offers increased flexibility and greater stability as opposed to the 2WD counterpart. If you plan to accomplish intensive farming tasks, a 4WD tractor is generally a recommended. In fact, the improved traction offered by such tractors leads to improved functionality and finally increased productivity.

4. Buying a new tractor vs. buying a used one

The next step is to determine whether you want to buy a new tractor or a used one. Generally, most tractors have the potential for long-term survival. Because of this reason, buying a used tractor from reputable dealers in Georgia can be a solid investment for your farm.

Way To Go

Buying a new or used tractor is not a small investment, so it is important to work with a dealer who is experienced in selling tractors in Norcross GA like Mason Tractor Company. Stop by your nearest location or contact us today for more information your next tractor purchase.