Guide To Inspecting Used Tractors for Sale in Georgia

Used Kubota Tractor for Sale in GeorgiaSome people are very nervous to purchase a used tractor. However, reputable dealers in Georgia have a wide variety of well-maintained used tractors for sale and if you choose wisely, a used tractor can serve you just like a new one.

If you have decided to invest in a used tractor, then you should know your needs and what to look for in such equipment. Many farmers visit our Kubota tractors shop in Georgia knowing exactly what they require.

Even if you know the exact make, model and the specifications, you should always inspect a used tractor before you bid. To assist you to make the right choice, we will offer you some tractor inspection tips as general guidelines and be prepared to find a used tractor you need at our equipment store, Georgia.



Below are some of the important parts to inspect:

• Engine Compartment

• Tires, body and overall appearance

• Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft

• Articulation point

1. Body, Tires and Overall Appearance

If a tractor looks well-maintained, then then you can assume it has been taken care of. Weathered, cracked, or bulging tires, peeling paint, or dents are clear signs that the previous owner stored the tractor outside and possibly even abused. The replacement of those tires could cost you up to $31,000 depending on the type of the tractor.

2. Engine Compartment

Like any other equipment, start your tractor up, and lift the hood. Let the engine run for some time and check if there are signs of leaks from the hydraulics, hoses or engine.

Check for cracked or worn out hydraulic, fuel lines or coolant. Check the amount of horsepower on the engine plate. Ensure that the engine of the tractor meets all the emission standards and regulations for your state.

3. Articulation Point

Perform an operational and visual inspection of the whole articulation point. It should always be greased since it’s a major moving part on the used tractor. Look for any metal shards because they’re the signs of wear and most probably due to poor maintenance.

4. Power Take-Off (PTO) Shaft

Any piece of equipment that has a mechanical drive - augers, manure spreaders, grain carts, etc. –must have a functioning PTO shaft. First, confirm that the PTO of the tractor can run the attachments you want to use.

We would recommend that you purchase a used tractor that has more PTO horsepower, power specification, etc. than what you need.

Start up your preferred Kubota tractor and turn on the PTO. Check for a smooth rotating movement. Listen for any strange noises emanating from the running output shaft.

All of the used tractors at Mason Tractor have been completely run through by our certified technicians to check for all of the items listed above. Stop by any or our convenient locations and ask about our used equipment today.