Skid Steer Brush Cutter AM Series

If you’ve used them in the past, you know how great they are. What you might not know is that Ammbusher was the very first line of brush cutter attachments designed specifically for skid steer loaders. Premier is proud to manufacture them today for a wide range of skid steers with hydraulic flow capacities of 13 to 30 gallons per minute.

You can be sure that, with a Premier Ammbusher Brush Cutter Attachment, you’ll get a motor that’s properly matched to your skid steer’s capacity. We’re not like the bulk of our competitors; we don’t try to make one size fit all. That doesn’t work. Not in our experience. And our experience covers a lot of ground. We have, after all, been manufacturing for a good many years now, and what we’ve learned we apply to every product we make.

So convenience – along with reliability and safety – is something we build into every Premier Ammbusher Brush Cutter Attachment for skid steers. You’ll see it in provisions like these:

  • hydraulic motors of only the highest quality and in a range of capacities – with built-in pressure relief valves to protect them from damage
  • cutting widths of 60 inches and 72 inches
  • cutting power that not only lets you cut the thickest grass and brush but also cuts your mowing time (having the ability to slice through individual vegetation as thick as 4 inches in diameter!)
  • full assembly and testing at the Premier plant before delivery
  • a drive line properly balanced to protect it from damage and premature wear due to vibration (we being one of the few manufacturers today who take the time to balance their mowers)
  • a rubberized coupler in the drive line to protect the motor from shock
  • structural steel frames with a ¼-inch-thick mower deck for exceptional durability under the toughest conditions
  • a Hammerhead stump-jumper carrier with a unique dish shape that shields the cutter from damage in sudden impacts – say, when the operator accidentally runs over a rock or a stump that’s a little too large
  • two finely honed, double-edged, free-swinging blades in the stump-jumper carrier that are fully bi-directional (meaning you can operate them in either direction with no damage to the motor – and no loss of cutting ability)
  • a housing that fully encloses the blades, keeping them safely away from the operator, bystanders, and property
  • a “chain curtain” at the front of the deck that lets grass and brush flow under it but keeps debris from being ejected
  • the built-in ability to shut down quickly once the operator stops hydraulic flow
  • Optional front guage wheel to help control the mower height

And to top it all off we carry these brush cutters in stock for the quickest lead-times. Know too that we support all of the older Ammbusher mowers and brush cutters that are still out there making a living and will continue to support these products for years to come.

When you’ve got major mowing to do and a skid steer loader to do it, you simply can’t do it better than with a Premier Ammbusher Brush Cutter Attachment. It’s the one that’s made for skid steers. And it's made right here in America at our Fort Wayne, Indiana, facility.