Skid Steer Loader Brush Cutter AC & AD Series

With over 25 years of experience, Ammbusher is a brand that can be trusted for building safe and reliable heavy-duty brush cutters for skid steer loaders. Our Safety for operators, bystanders and property was the leading factor when it came to the design of our brush cutter. Since 2007 we have used our simple and safe intake door that allows for larger trees, up to 7” in diameter, to enter the blade cutting area. Our well proven and reliable design prevents the door from getting stuck in a potentially unsafe position. Premier is proud to continue in this tradition of designing and manufacturing only the best heavy-duty skid steer brush cutters on the market.

We manufacture two distinct models of heavy duty brush cutter attachments that are compatible to today compact track loaders and skid steer loaders. The “AC” model is a high capacity high flow only beast of a brush cutter. This versatile model will not only cut thru the thickest grass but also cut trees up to 7” in diameter. The “AC” model requires a minimum of 30 GPM and has a cutting width of 72”. This model uses (4) ¾” thick high strength AR400 cutting blades that are attached to a blade carrier that weighs more than 600 lbs. The blade carrier also has replaceable carbide stump grinding teeth that can be used to help grind down stumps to grade as well as helping to mulch up woody debris.

Next in the lineup is our “AD” series of brush cutters. This series of brush cutters is the new and improved version of the venerable “DL” series that Ammbusher successfully produced since 2007. We took what was so well proven on this design and improved it with a larger more robust 100% USA made bearing hub to support the heavy duty (4) bladed carrier. This model has plenty of capacity to even cut trees that are 6” in diameter. With two widths to choose from, 66” & 72”, and many different hydraulic motor options available we are one of the few manufactures that can optimize the performance of the brush cutter to the skid steer it will be operated on. Any one that sells a “one size fits all” brush cutter is potentially selling disappointment. The Premier Ammbusher “AD” series can operate efficiently on flows as low as 17 GPM.

Both the “AC” and “AD” series are truly heavy duty industrial grade brush cutting attachments. Here are some of the features that are common to both models:

  • Heavy duty push bar designed to push trees and brush down in front of the brush cutter
  • 100% made in USA
  • Main deck is constructed of ¼” steel
  • Front of deck has additional 3/8” steel re-enforcement
  • Built in hydraulic pressure gauge to monitor the load that the brush cutter attachment is under
  • Blade carriers are completely balanced prior to shipping
  • Every brush cutter is test ran on a skid loader before leaving the factory
  • Spindle Interrupters to cut and help prevent vegetation, twine and wire from wrapping around the drive shaft
  • Replaceable wear shoes
  • Simple intake door allows trees to enter the blade cutting area

Safety is one feature that should be on the top of anyone’s list when it comes to buying, selling and operating any brush cutter. Currently there are many manufactures, brands and styles out on the market so pay close attention and think about some of these features because all it takes to change lives is one simple accident. Some brush cutters today have the blades exposed out of the front of the attachment limiting any means of controlling debris from flying out from the cutter, now just imagine mowing your manicured lawn with a mower that had the blades exposed… would you do it? Probably not, so why then would you want to go into areas where you potentially have no idea what’s under that grass or brush with steel blades that are possibly spinning at 15,000 feet per minute? We at Premier have taken every effort to manufacture skid steer brush cutter attachments that can be safely relied upon for years to come. Here are some of the key safety features that are common on both models:

  • Specially built pressure relief valves to not only protect the hydraulic motor from damage from use but also designed for fast blade rotation shut down once its stopped
  • Front chain curtain to help prevent unsafe discharge
  • Blades are safely concealed unless engaging a large tree thru the door

At Premier we not only strive for quality and safety but also availability. Manufactured in the heart of the Midwest, Fort Wayne Indiana, we have the capacity to build, stock and ship to meet the most demanding of schedules.