Wear Parts for Ambusher Brush Cutter

For better than 25 years, Ammbusher Brush Cutters have been out in the field doing what they do best. They’ve earned their reputation for being the hardest-working, safest, and most reliably built rotary brush cutters on the market. And Premier is proud to be manufacturing them – to the high standards expected of us and Ammbusher alike.

That said, peak performance must be maintained. If you want to keep your Premier Ammbusher Brush Cutter operating at peak performance, it’s worth your while to keep a few of the most common wear parts close at hand. Here are the most common parts we make – and make readily available to you:

  • Ammbusher Mower Blades for the 60-inch (AM601) and 72-inch (AM720) cutters
  • Ammbusher DL66 & DL72 Blades
  • Ammbusher Blade Bolts and Blade Nuts
  • Ammbusher Hammerhead Stump Jumper
  • Ammbusher Hydraulic Motors
  • Ammbusher Gearboxes
  • Ammbusher E-20 Couplers

You'll be happy to know also that Premier always stocks the parts necessary to ensure that your Ammbusher Brush Cutter remains an asset. Rest assured that no matter if you brush cutter is brand new or 25 years old we will be here to support your needs. Since all of our manufacturing is done in the heart of the Midwest – Fort Wayne, Indiana – lead time is never a problem when it comes to delivering those parts, either. You’ll get 'em fast! See for yourself.

Check out the AM601 & AM720 manual for operating instructions and parts list.