Kubota KBT M6S-111SHC



Bevel Gear Front Axle

Kubota’s bevel gear front axle has always been a leader in tight turning and excellent clearance under the tractor. This holds true with the bevel gear axle on the M6S-111 4WD models, as well. With 55° of turning angle and almost 17” of ground clearance, the M6S-111 is ready to tackle the tight confines of a barnyard or tall windrows in a hay field.

Ergonomic Operators Station

The M6S-111 cab has been ergonomically designed for functionality and operator comfort. With well laid out controls and excellent visibility, the operator will be comfortable and well aware of the area around the tractor during operation.

Kubota Exclusive Swing-Shift and Swing-Shift Plus Transmissions

When finding the right speed for your operation, the M6S-111 comes ready for the task at hand. With the 16 speed Swing-Shift or 32 speed Swing-Shift Plus transmissions, you’ll always be able to find the right gear. The Kubota exclusive Swing-Shift transmission offers 8 or 16 speeds in both high and low ranges, eliminating the need to change ranges while you are working in the field or traveling down the road. Kubota Swing-Shift and Swing-Shift Plus Transmission’s shift handles have an integrated “de-clutch” button to allow the operator to shift gears without using the foot pedal clutch, reducing operator fatigue throughout the work day.

Gross Engine HPGross Engine HP114
Standard TransmissionStandard TransmissionStandard:16F/16R, 32F/32R, Optional: 24F/24R, 48F/48R
Creep OptionCreep Option
Loader Lift CapacityLoader Lift CapacityPower: 4299 (1950 kg), Height: 4178 (1895 kg)
PTOPTOStandard: 540 rpm, Rear: 1000 rpm
Hydraulic FlowHydraulic Flow17.2
Three Point Linkage TypeThree Point Linkage TypeCategory II
Three Point Linkage CapacityThree Point Linkage Capacity3,858 / optional 5,732
Operator PlatformOperator PlatformCAB
Driveline TypeDriveline Type4WD