The M6H-101 will add more productivity and peace of mind to your fruit and vegetable operation. This specialty tractor comes standard with 38in diameter rims that provide 25.8” of ground clearance. The elevated platform ensures the safety of a crop in all growth stages.


Even with its high profile the M6H can easily be maneuvered between crop rows and around fields without causing damage to the crop. The bevel gear front axle provides greater all-around maneuverability by achieving a tight turn radius at headlands. 


The M6H features a standard 24Fx24R dual speed transmission with the option to install a creeper speed taking it to a 48Fx48R transmission. Mounted to the left of the steering column, the shuttle lever's fingertip control makes it possible to shift smoothly from forward to reverse without using the clutch or stopping the tractor. Speeds start as low as .18 mph for fruit and vegetable operations. Wheel spacing kits can be added to keep this tractor working in diverse cropping systems


When ground clearance is the key to your operation, Kubota’s M6H front and rear axles stand above the competition. Maximum clearance is crucial when working in produce crops to reduce foliage damage. When wide tread settings are required, wide axle spacer kits are available, allowing the front final drive and rear drop box to remain within the front and rear wheels to not limit ground clearance. 

Transmission Options

  • 24 Speed Swing Shift Transmission - The M6H has 4 gears on main shift, High/Low/Creep (standard) on range gear shift and a Swing Shift. Swing Shift adds 4 more speeds to the main shift by actuating the electric-over-hydraulic High/Low synchronized range shift.
  • Hydraulic Shuttle Shift - The hydraulic shuttle shift control makes it possible to shift smoothly from forward to reverse without using the clutch or stopping the tractor. 
  • De-Clutch Switch - The de-clutch switch allows you to shift a gear without using the clutch pedal.

Creep Speed

Creeper gears provide 8 speed ranges. In specialty applications low ground speeds are required for planting and harvesting. With standard tires the creeper gear can range from 0.18-0.87 mph traveling speeds.

Operator Comfort

  • Tilt Steering Wheel 
  • Spacious floor layout to ensure leg room and ride comfort
  • Easier to refill fuel and DEF by locating the filler neck on the left hand side 
  • Large LCD monitor for improved visibility and operation 
Gross Engine HPGross Engine HP104.4
Standard TransmissionStandard TransmissionStandard: 24F/24R
Creep OptionCreep OptionYes
PTOPTOStandard: 540 rpm, Option: 540/1000 rpm
Hydraulic FlowHydraulic Flow17.6
Three Point Linkage TypeThree Point Linkage TypeCategory II
Three Point Linkage CapacityThree Point Linkage CapacityStandard: 3858, Option: 5732
Operator PlatformOperator PlatformROPS
Driveline TypeDriveline Type4WD