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Safe Transport

With Independent Wing Cylinder lockouts, transport is safe and easy on the road and through narrow gates or openings. Transport width ranges from 9'2" to 9'6".

Individual Rake Wheel Suspension

Individual Rake Wheel Suspension is ideal for rough and uneven hay fields allowing each wheel to act independently and follow ground contour.      

Telescoping Wing Arms

Telescoping Wing Arms allow for an additional 1.5 ft. of adjustment by utilizing the jack stand. 

*Available only on the 200 Series

Drawbar Height

Adjustable for 12 different tractor drawbar heights to ensure proper working angles of the rake wheels. 

Height Adjustment

Height adjustment holes allow the hitch to be adjusted from a height of 13.5" to 23.75".

*Available only on the 200 Series

Kicker Wheel Options

Single and Dual Kicker Wheel options are used to move material that would otherwise stay in place.

*Dual Kicker Wheel option shown
Transport Length ft. (m)Transport Length ft. (m)24' 10" (7.7)
Working Length (Max.)Working Length (Max.)25' 4" (7.7)
Transport Width ft. (m)Transport Width ft. (m)9' 2" (2.8)
Transport Height ft. (m)Transport Height ft. (m)Min: 8' 4" (2.5) Max: 9' 7" (2.9)
Working Width ft. (m)Working Width ft. (m)Min: 18' (5.5) Max: 21' (6.4)
Windrow ft. (m)Windrow ft. (m)Min: 36" (.9) Max: 89" (2.3)
Working ft. (m)Working ft. (m)55" (1.4)
Weight lbs. (kg)Weight lbs. (kg)1790 (812)
Wing SpreadWing SpreadOne hole changes windrow and working width 6 (15) to 7 (18)
Hydraulic CircuitsHydraulic Circuitsclosed-center or open-center, one remote
Hydraulic Power RequiredHydraulic Power Required1800psi, 10gpm
Minimum PTO Horsepower Required HP/KWMinimum PTO Horsepower Required HP/KW40 HP