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  • 24.8 HP Turbo-charged Kubota engine provides quiet operation, high altitude performance and requires no DPF. 
  • Hydraulic pump directly connected to the engine reduces maintenance.
  • Vertical lift loader arms reach higher and further than the competition with a hinge pin height of 84.7" and a reach of 26" (at 45° dump angle). 
  • 1000 lbs. ROC combined with 15 gpm auxiliary hydraulic ï¬‚ow make for a powerful and productive compact utility loader.
  • Works in zero clearance yards with low impact wide track design (4.0 psi) minimizing damage to grass or landscaping.
  • 4.9 mph Best in class travel speed


  • Cushioned loader boom cylinders and adjustable platform suspension increase operator comfort for maximum productivity.
  • 4.3" Color LCD monitor
  • Keyless start with passcode protection
  • 12 Volt charging port


  • The patent pending T-drive handle provides intuitive and ergonomic steering.
  • Hydraulic pilot-operated loader and drive control valves offer precise and responsive control of the machine.
  • Right hand joystick controls loader arm and bucket movement. 
  • Auxiliary hydraulics are easily operated without removing your hand from the loader joystick. 
  • Continuous flow in either direction is as simple as pushing a button. 


  • Auxiliary hydraulic lines are routed inside the loader arm for optimal protection. Case drain is standard. Auxiliary hydraulic couplers are pressure release type.
  • Attachment hose guide is standard.
  • Welded track frame has angled top for debris shedding and the dual flange front idler provides better stability and weight distribution.


  • Easy to access centralized filters and everyday maintenance items.
  • Dash indicator light alerts when the air filter needs cleaned, and service  information is readily available at the touch of a button. 
  • Maintenance time is reduced with permanently sealed and lubricated track rollers, and the grease type track tension system.


  • Heavy-duty cast CII Coupler and protective cover for bucket cylinder fittings.
  • CII coupler is standard.
  • Optional welded 2-lever style coupler.
  • Solid state controller minimizes fuses reducing electrical components, while improving reliability.
  • The hood is made out of impact resistant material for greater protection.


  • Engine RPM has to be at idle to unlock the hydraulics for machine operation.
  • Walk behind mode for loading onto a trailer allows operation of the travel and loader joysticks only.
  • When operator leaves the platform, the parking brake is automatically engaged.
  • Front LED work light has 30 second courtesy timer to stay on after powering off.
Horsepower (gross)Horsepower (gross)24.8
Displacement, cu in (cm3)Displacement, cu in (cm3)54.8 (898)
Engine TypeEngine TypeWater cooled 4 cycle diesel engine with 3 cylinder, turbo, EPA Tier 4
Rated Speed, rpmRated Speed, rpm2800
Low Idling Speed, rpmLow Idling Speed, rpm1250
Overall Length, in (m)Overall Length, in (m) Transport (w/Std Bucket Parallel to Ground): 107.7 (2.74) (w/o Bucket): 84.9 (2.16):
Overall Height, in (m)Overall Height, in (m)55.7 (1.41)
Overall Width w/Std Bucket, in (cm)Overall Width w/Std Bucket, in (cm)36 (91.44)
Rated Operating Capacity (ROC), lb (kg)Rated Operating Capacity (ROC), lb (kg)1,000 (453 kg) @ 35%
Tipping Load, lbs (kg)Tipping Load, lbs (kg)2857 (1296)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure, psi (mPa) (kgf cm2)Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure, psi (mPa) (kgf cm2)2800 psi (19.3) (196.8)