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Easy To Operate

The Kubota WR1400 is a pull-type wrapper designed for smaller tractors. The machine is very easy to operate. A fully automatic film cutter comes standard on all models.

Turntable Principle

The turntable with two driven rollers is designed for high bale stability and smooth, even rotation. This ensures consistent bale rotation even in the most difficult of conditions.

Extendable Wheel Arm

To allow for increased stability during bale loading, an extendable wheel arm was incorporated into the frame design. This allows bales up to 2650 lbs. to be loaded without any counter weight on the machine.

Gentle Unloading

Wide spaced wheels allow for an exceptionally low turntable height. This design allows the table to be tilted downward until it nearly touches the ground, reducing drop height when unloading bales. This provides the gentlest possible handling of wrapped bales. It reduces the chance of film damage and eliminates the need for a fall damper or drop mat. Additionally, it can be fitted with a bale on end kit, which allows the bale to be tipped off gently without damage to the bale.

Narrow Transport Width

For narrow transport width, the right hand wheel is turned to the inside of the support arm.

High Speed Pack for 75% higher wrapping capacity

  • Fastest and unique turntable wrapping technology in the market
  • DuoWrap double pre-stretchers

60% increased wrapping capacity

  • No driver action required, no extra steps/actions
  • Time efficient and comfortable system

Double film application systems lift output to the next level

  • DuoWrap device

Double pre-stretchers

  • 66% overlapping = higher air resistance
  • 60% increased wrapping capacity
  • Single film wrap capability (gearbox)
Transport Length ft.Transport Length ft.14.17'
Transport Width ft.Transport Width ft.8.25'
Transport Height in.Transport Height in.76"
Weight lbs. (kg)Weight lbs. (kg)2249
Max Bale Size (L x D) in.Max Bale Size (L x D) in.47" x 50"
Max Bale Weight lbs.Max Bale Weight lbs.2650
Mounted WrapperMounted WrapperNot Available
Pull-Type WrapperPull-Type WrapperStandard
Support Rollers/Belts (number)Support Rollers/Belts (number)2/4
Automatic Film CutterAutomatic Film CutterStandard
Max. Wrapping Speed rpm.Max. Wrapping Speed rpm.30
1 Pre-Stretcher 750mm1 Pre-Stretcher 750mmStandard
Pre-Stretcher 29.5" (750mm)Pre-Stretcher 29.5" (750mm)Standard
Manual Cable Control (M)Manual Cable Control (M)Standard
Electro Hydraulic Joystick (J)Electro Hydraulic Joystick (J)Standard
Programmable Computer (C)Programmable Computer (C)Not Available
Remote Control (C)Remote Control (C)Not Available
Oil Consumption (l/min)Oil Consumption (l/min)28
Wheels and Axles | 10.0/80-12Wheels and Axles | 10.0/80-12Standard
Fill Roll MagazineFill Roll MagazineOptional
Adapter Kit for 20" (500mm) Film SpoolAdapter Kit for 20" (500mm) Film SpoolOptional
Bale and Wrap CounterBale and Wrap CounterStandard
Auto-Stop at End of Wrapping CycleAuto-Stop at End of Wrapping CycleStandard
Film End/Tear Sensor (C)Film End/Tear Sensor (C)Not Available
Road LightsRoad LightsOptional