Kuhn HR 3540 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia

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Kuhn HR 3540 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia





HR 1040 series models are compatible with Cat. 2 and 3 hitches. Optional Cat. 4N quick hitch adapter brackets make for fast, easy hookup with many common tractors.

Central Gearbox and Driveline

HR 1040 series power harrows feature a heavy-duty 1,000 rpm PTO with cam clutch protection as standard. The central gearbox includes an integrated oil pump and the top bearing receives fresh oil injection for extended life. An additional oil tank both increases oil capacity and serves as a cooler by increasing the surface area of the system. The result is a class-leading power rating of up to 320 PTO horsepower. The central gearbox is also offset to the rear to help keep the PTO shaft at a flatter angle to reduce wear.


Switchable Rotor Speeds

Switchable duplex gears in the central gearbox allow for two rotor speeds as standard. Including the factory set, a class-leading total of five gearsets are available. This wide range of rotor speeds allows operators to tailor the machine to the crop and soil conditions while still running at optimal PTO input speed for fuel efficiency, productivity, and ideal seedbed preparation.

Gear Trough & Rotor Drive

The sides of the main gear trough are constructed from 5/16” (8 mm) thick steel for outstanding structural rigidity. Forged-steel, treated gears have a convex shape to transmit all of the drive forces at the center of the upper bearings. These large bearings are preloaded with a spacer, while the lower bearings are held and protected by a one-piece housing that is 28 mm thick. The milled cover and cassette seal keep out contamination that could damage the gears or bearings. The main trough is lubed-for-life with extreme-pressure grease.


Blades & Blade Holders

All HR 1040 series power harrows come standard with hard-coated DuraKUHN blades 13.2” (335 mm) long and 0.7” (18 mm) thick for extended life in abrasive soils. These blades are designed to reduce power requirements while working up to 10.6” (27 cm) deep for optimal seedbed preparation in a variety of crop applications. DuraKARB blades are also available through KUHN Parts. These blades have part of the tine made completely out of a tungsten carbide material to better stand up to rocks. 

Round, flat blade holders are positioned with significant clearance below the bottom of the trough. Fast-Fit® technology promotes quick and easy blade changes, increasing critical uptime in tight tillage windows.

Three Available Roller Options

With three different roller options to choose from, the HR 1040 Series power harrows are suited to fit any commercial-sized operation’s needs.

MaxiPacker Rear Roller
The MaxiPacker rear roller comes standard on all HR 1030 series models. With an overall diameter of 21” (535 mm), it is a versatile roller that performs well in most soil conditions. To help improve performance in wet and sticky ground, scraper plates located between the rows of studs keep the roller clean.
MegaPacker Rear Roller
The optional MegaPacker rear roller is a similar design to the standard MaxiPacker, but with an increased overall diameter of 23.2” (590 mm). This helps reduce power requirements when working in tougher conditions.
The optional MaxiCrumbler rear roller is 20.5” (520 mm) in diameter. It is best suited to finishing dry soils.

Hydraulic Depth Control

Hydraulic depth control (standard on HR 1040 Series) improves operator comfort by allowing adjustments from the tractor seat. The adjustment scale has a simple numbering system (1 = shallowest; 6 = deepest) and is clearly visible from the tractor seat.

Hydraulic Leveling Bar

The standard leveling bar mounted behind the rotors helps to smooth out the soil so the roller at the rear of the machine can finish creating the optimal seedbed. Like the overall working depth, the leveling bar’s depth can be adjusted hydraulically with a convenient depth scale (1 = shallowest; 6 = deepest) that is easily visible from the tractor seat.


Maximum PTO power 310 hp (226 kW)
Minimum PTO power 105 hp (77 kW)
Required tractor hydraulic connections 2 DA for leveling bar and working depth
Central gearbox Duplex with oil circulation
Oil cooler Standard
Gearbox protection Cam type cut-out clutch
PTO speed 1,000 rpm
Rotor speed 296 / 463 rpm
Number of rotors 12
Minimum working depth 2" (5 cm)
Maximum working depth 10.6" (27 cm)
Working depth adjustment Hydraulic
Leveling bar Standard - hydraulic adjustment
Side deflectors Adjustable - with spring safety and double arm
Hitch Cat. 2 and 3
Approximate machine weight with MaxiPacker roller 4,372 lbs (1,983 kg)
Transport width 11'6" (3.50 m)
Working width 11'3" (3.44 m)