Kuhn VB 7160 OPTIFEED for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia

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Kuhn VB 7160 OPTIFEED for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia




Consistent, Firm Round Bales

Patented i-DENSE System

Produce high-density bales with densities of up to 8.8 lbs/ft³ (140 kg/m³) in straw thanks to the new KUHN patented i-DENSE system. This intelligent twin tensioning arm system in combination with the measurements of the moisture sensor, automatically adapts the baling pressure according to the different crops and crop conditions, without intervention from the driver.

 The VB 7100 twin tensioning arm system is able to reach extremely high bale pressures to create rock solid bales. However, you may not always want bales of max density depending on your particular crops and operation. I-DENSE allows the driver to set the core density and the bale’s outer layer density independently of one another. When the VB 7100 starts baling a crop which is higher/lower than the threshold moisture level that the operator selected, the core and outer layer densities can adapt separately to the new conditions.  For example, if you are putting up dry hay yet some spots of the field are not as dry as you would like, i-DENSE can automatically change the density settings allowing the higher moisture bales to have lower densities and breathe better.

Twin Tensioning Arm System

Twin tensioning arms provide higher density from improved belt tension and belt control.

The first tensioning arm, which is located in the front half of the chamber, maintains the shape of the bale as it grows. This arm also distributes the tension of the belts around the diameter of the bale. The second tensioning arm is responsible for creating the high-tension force on the belts, which is required to form an extremely dense bale. This second tension arm also keeps tension on all belts when the tailgate is opening and closing. Added belt tension, while the baler is open, allows the VB 7100 to have the fastest tailgate cycle in the industry. To complete a full tailgate cycle it only takes four seconds.

Fast, Perfect Bale Formation

The four belt, three roller design of the VB 7100 Series bale chamber ensures fast, consistent bale formation whatever the intake system. Thanks to the twin tensioning arm system, the starting chamber of the baler is a triangular shape, which guarantees a direct start of the bale when the first crop enters the bale chamber. Compared to other bale chamber concepts this ensures a well-shaped core, smooth bale grow, and less power consumption. The front segment of the baler is fitted with a large crop roller and scraper that prevents crop build up at the front of the machine. The unique mix of the KUHN Progressive Density system and smart bale chamber design guarantees perfect bale formation every time.

Fast Tailgate

The KUHN VB 7100 Series round balers feature the fastest tailgate operation on the market. Within 4 seconds the bale is ejected and the tailgate is closed again!

Progressive Density – The KUHN Solution

The Progressive Density system has proven its value on all KUHN VB balers. The system increases tension as the bale grows providing a firm bale with a tough outer shell.

How Does It Work?
As the bale grows within the bale chamber, the belt tensioning arm is subjected to steadily increasing resistance from two sets of hydraulic cylinders and a spring tensioner. So as the diameter increases, the bale’s density does too. The result is a very firm bale with a moderate core – not too soft, not too hard. With a tougher outer layer, straw bales will be more tolerant to bad weather conditions, while silage bales will maintain their shape for improved stacking, easier handling and excellent fermentation.


Intake Options to Meet Your Operation’s Needs

Optimal Crop Pickup

The VB 7100 Series round balers feature a wide pickup with a large diameter crop roller. The pickup is designed to maximize the full capacity of the machine. With a working width of 90 inches (230 cm), the machine is capable of working in all windrows and will not let you down, even in the toughest conditions. Heavy-duty straight pickup tines help release the crop and reduce crop wrapping. The standard crop roller compresses the crop against the pickup tines reducing friction, thus reducing leaf loss and increasing baler efficiency by evening out the windrow.

The 90” pickup features a standard pendulum frame and optional pivoting pickup wheels to allow the pickup to adapt to changing field conditions. Stripper bands, with a unique profile on the 90” pickup, result in more aggressive and efficient pickup by exposing more of the pickup tine when needed and by pulling the crop away from the tines as it approaches the intake. A cam track pulls the tines straight down in the rearward position to avoid wrapping, making this the most intelligently designed pickup on the market today. 

To better meet your operation's specific needs, there are two intake options available. Choose one of our two patented Integral Rotors – the non-cutting OptiFeed rotor or the OptiCut cutting rotor.

Integral Rotor Technology

Available across the entire KUHN variable chamber baler range is our patented Integral Rotor Technology found on OptiFeed and OptiCut models. This simple, low-maintenance intake system guarantees an enormous capacity at all times. KUHN’s integral rotor design is proven in all crops and conditions. New for the VB 7100 Series, is an integral rotor featuring a tri-lobe design, which allows for superior feeding. The short distance between rotor and pickup tines maintains consistent crop flow. The design of this force-fed intake makes higher forward speeds possible for increased productivity and reduces crop damage. Integral Rotors are provided with rotor tines made out of Hardox® wear plates. Hardox combines extreme hardness and toughness to reduce rotor tine wear. Longer wearing life of the rotor tines will help to provide time and money savings for the operator.

Non-Cutting, OptiFeed Rotor

The OptiFeed rotor, with tri-lobe feeding tines and integrated augers, provides a consistent flow of crop into the bale chamber. The OptiFeed system easily handles a range of crops from silage to dry hay and straw. This rotor design helps even out incoming windrows for consistent bales every time.

Cutting, OptiCut Rotors

OptiCut (OC) cutting rotors are designed for unlimited intake capacity and excellent cutting quality. KUHN (OC) cutting rotors, with tri-lobe shaped rotor tines, are acknowledged by users as one of the best cutting systems on the market. The crop is guided and drawn down to the knives from an early stage. This action creates a slicing motion resulting in improved flow and cutting performance while also preventing unwanted plugging. The OptiCut 14 cuts crop down to 2.8" (70mm), while the OptiCut 23 allows for even greater reduction down to a size of 1.8" (45mm). Each single knife is spring protected against damage from foreign objects. Group Selection is available on both the OC 14 and OC 23 intake systems allowing you to select a longer cutting length if you choose.

Drop Floor

In case of a rotor blockage, the floor and knives can be lowered hydraulically from the tractor cab. Due to the offset pivoting point, the blockage can be easily dislodged without any crop losses. After the blockage is cleared, the knives can easily be brought back up into working position. When the drop floor is not sufficient, the rotor can be disengaged in order to finish the bale in the bale chamber. Available for both the OptiFeed and OptiCut intake systems.


Net Wrap System

One of the final steps in creating the perfect bale is the wrap. Securing a bale to protect it from the elements and from losing its shape is one of the most crucial steps. The less time required to secure the bale, the quicker you put up tonnage. KUHN’s front net wrap system guarantees reliable and secure wrapping. The net wrap, with active stretch technology, ensures a firm bale shape with constant net tension throughout the entire wrapping cycle. KUHN’s innovative design maintains constant net tension during the wrap process. The net wrap system runs at 90% of the bale’s rotational speed to be able to stretch the net without breaking it. After leaving the bale chamber, the bale will not expand and therefore it will hold its density. The net wrap system spreads the net to the corners of the bale to prevent air pockets once the bale is wrapped, which will preserve the forage quality for longer.

Easy-To-Load Front Net System

The net is fed into the front of the bale chamber to ensure it is taken by the bale immediately and provides great visibility during operation. The VB 7100 Series round balers provide storage for up to two spare rolls of net wrap, one on each side of the machine. Due to new innovative net loading brackets, getting your next roll of net into the loaded position is easier than ever. Only one side of the net roll needs to be lifted when easily sliding the net roll into the active position, and the new side load bracket holds the rest of the rolls weight. This KUHN side-load system allows the operator to take a roll of net wrap from the storage position to the active position while only supporting a fraction of the rolls weight, allowing for greater efficiency and operator comfort.

Productivity at Your Fingertips

The key to achieving the productivity you expect from your KUHN machine, is the user interface. We listened carefully to the users of our machines to develop our new interfaces and monitors. The objective is to have a clear view of what your machine is doing at any time and to have all important settings at your fingertips. This ensures that you have full control of your machine.

KUHN VB 7100 Series balers are ISOBUS compatible with an intuitive user interface, easy to control via the ISOBUS terminal of the tractor or via KUHN’s CCI 50, CCI 800 or CCI 1200 terminals. You can easily change settings such as bale density or net wrap layers from the comfort of your tractor seat.


Bale diameter 31.5" - 63.0" (80-160 cm)
Bale size - width x diameter 4' x 5' (120 x 160 cm)
Bale width 47.2" (120 cm)
Bale chamber 1 starter roller - 2 bale chamber rollers - 4 endless belts
Bale chamber idler rollers Standard with HD bearings and seals
Bale pressure 290 - 2901 psi (20 - 200 bar)
Bale chamber configuration Second drive as standard
Teardrop bar for bale chamber Standard
Proportional valve soft core Standard
Belts 4 - endless
Secondary belt drive Standard
Chain lubrication system Standard, BEKA-MAX continuous chain oiler with 2.1 gal (8 L) reservoir
Intake system Integral rotor and drop floor with Hardox tines
Number of knives -
Drop floor Standard
Minimum cutting length -
Knife protection system -
Pickup width 90.6" (230 cm)
Number of pickup tine bars 5
Pickup gauge wheels Standard pivoting wheel with semi-pneumatic tire (fixed wheel option)
Pickup windguard Standard with large diameter 8.5" (217 mm) roller
Bale kicker Standard
Bale packaging system Net wrap standard (net & twine optional)
PTO power requirement 109 hp (80 kW)
PTO type 1 3/8" CV 6-spline
PTO speed 540 standard - 1,000 optional
Overload protection Cam clutch
Tires 500/45 - 22.5, 520/55R22.5 or 600/50R22.5
Transport width 105.6" (268 cm)
ISOBUS ready Standard
ISOBUS Electronic monitor No terminal, CCI 50, CCI 800 or CCI 1200 control box. Please specify when ordering.
Road lights and signaling Standard
Required tractor hydraulic connections 2 double acting valves, 1 single acting valve, 1 open return
Minimum machine weight 9,260 lbs (4,200 kg)
Knives selection -