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The Kuhn GA 300 GM single-rotor 3-point mounted rotary rake produces fluffy and faster drying windrows. With these machines you can obtain superior raking performance, while keeping the leaves of your crop intact and allowing you to harvest at its peak nutritional value. These rakes are ideal for small-scale producers.

Maintenance is minimal with a fully enclosed, grease-filled gearbox. The pivoting headstock ensures maneuverability and improved terrain following, while producing a consistent, fluffy windrow. The tine height and level can be adjusted to match the crop and field conditions. Large balloon tires create smoother and cleaner raking over uneven ground.


Number of rotors 1
Working width (inches) 10'6"
Working width (m) 3.2
Number of tine arms per rotor 9
Number of tines per arm 3
Transport width (m) 2.8
Transport width (m) 9'2"
Linkage 3-point - Cat. 1 + 2
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 15
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 20
Weight (kg) 631
Weight (lb) 286
Clean swept width 7'3"
Clean swept width (m) 2.2
Rotor diameter 8'8"
Rotor diameter (m) 2.6