Land Pride 3P500 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia

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Land Pride 3P500 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia



Category I & II hitch Easy 3-point mounting on various types of tractors.
Choice of 2x13 Single Press Wheels or 3x13 Center Rib Press Wheels Press wheel options allow tailoring to various soil conditions.
2 bu/ft. Box Capacity Larger box reduces downtime / more acres per fill.
1 3/4" Fluted Seed Cups with Powdered metal flutes Delivers outstanding accuracy.
4 Speed Gearbox for various seed Rates Makes seed rates changes quick and painless.
Heavy Duty Coil Springs for down pressure on press wheels Gives you the range from 90 to 180 lbs. of consistent down pressure.
T-Handle Opener Depth Adjustment Provides 18 different positions for accurate depth.


Drill Model 3P500 
Row Count 7 9
Row Spacing 7.5 in. (19.1 cm) 6.0 In. (15.2cm)
Swath 52.5 in. (133.4 cm) 
Transport Width 59.3 in. (151 cm) 
Length 57 in. (145 cm) 
Working Height 61 in. (155 cm) 
Weight, Maximum, Empty¹ 1170 lbs. (530 kg) 1370 lbs. (620 kg)
Weight, Maximum, Full 1840 lbs. (840 kg) 2040 lbs. (930 kg)
Main Seed Box Capacity 10 bu. (350 liters) 
Native Grass Box Capacity 1 bu. (42 liters) 
Small Seeds Box Capacity 1 bu. (51 liter) 
Seed Box Agitator Optional in Main Seed box 
Min. Tractor HP Req.² 35 hp (26 kW) 
Hitch Type Category I & II 
Tire Size 5.70 L x 8 Lug Type 
Operating Depth 0 to 3.5 in. (0 to 8.9 cm) 
1. See "Transporting" topic for typical weights of various configurations.  
2. Power requirements vary significantly with conditions and practices.