Land Pride EA20 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia

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Land Pride EA20 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia



Features Benefits
Optional auger mounts Fits a wide range of Kubota excavators with a mechanical quick attach coupler or wedge type quick coupler mounted on the end of the excavator arm. Easy hook-up and unhook capabilities. Excavator boom & arm can be used to apply additional down force
Optional cradle Supports the auger while traveling. Keeps the auger from swing erratically. Allows the auger to be carried low without hitting the ground or other protrusions.
Maneuverability Excavator Augers are able to reach over fences or other obstructions.
Planetary gearbox Gearbox is completely sealed with all moving parts running in oil for constant lubrication.
Patent pending vertical indicator Indicates when auger is vertical, makes it easier to drill straight vertical holes.
2" Hex output shaft High torque resistance.
Choice of three drive motors Three flow ranges: 6-15 gpm, 10-20 gpm, and 15-30 gpm Covers a wide range of Kubota excavators.
Hydraulic hoses routed out top of motor/gearbox housing Allows motor/gearbox housing to follow auger into hole and dig a deeper hole without damaging hoses.
Large selection of augers Variety of Dirt, Tree, and Rock Auger sizes and styles to suit many applications
Replaceable hardened steel pilot points on dirt augers Hardened points will last longer than non-hardened. Points are replaceable. Fish tail tips and steel point make it easier to start a hole.
Replaceable carbide pilot points & teeth on rock augers Points are designed for cutting through rock and are replaceable.
Large selection of bolt-on rock heads Pengo Dirt Augers can be converted to Rock Augers with this accessory
Two auger extensions Available in 2 lengths (24" & 48")
Increases the depth of hole the auger can dig by 24" or 48".
Puff auger Used for drilling 2" rock T-post holes in tough conditions.


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