Land Pride LR3796 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia

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Land Pride LR3796 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia



Features Benefits
84" & 96" Working Widths Covers tire tracks and allows user to cover large areas in less time.
35-80 Tractor HP Range Fits many tractors with a Cat. l or Cat. ll 3-point hitch.
Quick Hitch Compatible Fits Land Pride Quick Hitch for a quick and easy one person hook-up.
Retractable Parking Stand Keeps frame off the ground and makes hook-up easier.
2 1/2" Pivot Shaft Heavy-duty shaft. Heaviest in its class.
16 1/2" Rake Height Can move a great deal of material.
Rake Teeth Support Channel Design with channel support. This design supports the rake teeth better than
competitor models. Prevents teeth entanglement and keeps attachment hardware from
working loose.
5/16" x 1" High-Carbon
Spring Steel Teeth
Sized to eliminate premature bending and tooth breakage. Constructed of materials
that have “memory” to spring back to shape.
Individual Replaceable Teeth Makes replacing a damaged tooth quick and easy without removing all of the teeth.
Rake Angle 5 Positions Versatility in operation. Vary how much material to move.
Rake Offset 7 Positions Versatility in operation. Allows the unit to work closer to objects on the side the rake is
of set towards.
Dual Gauge Wheels (Accessory) Gives operator better depth control. Wide & narrow wheels available.
Flip-Down Grader Blade
with End Plates (Accessory)
Enables the rake to perform light blading duties for moving and leveling dirt as well as
other materials. Grader blade can be flipped up when not in use.
Rear Blade Attachment (Accessory) The rake assembly can be removed from the main frame and a Rear Blade attached to
give the Land Pride Rake versatility.
Hydraulic Angling (Accessory) Allows operator to change rake angle from the tractor seat.


Model LR3796
Rake Width 96"
Approximate Weight (lbs.) 514
Number of Teeth 48
Horsepower Rating 35-80
Hitch Category Cat. l & ll Combination (Quick Hitch Compatible)
Pivot Shaft Diameter 2 1/2"
Rake Height 16 1/2"
Parking Stand Standard
Individual Replaceable Teeth Standard
Teeth Size 5/16" x 1" Wide
Teeth Spacing 2" Centers
Teeth Material High-Carbon, Spring Steel
Rake Angle Standard (Manually)
5 Positions, Maximum 30° Right or Left in 15° Increments
Any Degree up to 45°
Rake Offset Manually 7 Positions, Maximum 45° Right or Left in 15° Increments
Dual Gauge Wheels* (Accessory) Dual Narrow Width Wheels 13" x 4" x 6"
or Dual Wide Width Wheels 13" x 6.5" x 6"
Flip-Down Grader Blade (Accessory) Flip-Down, Self-Supporting Grader Blade with
Blade-up Locking Handles and Locking Pins
Rear Blade Attachment (Accessory) Available in 72", 84" & 96" Working Widths