Lewis Brothers

We offer several models of the Poultry Housekeepers along with various options that allow for custom configurations. The Housekeeper #5 is our most versatile model and has taken poultry house cleanout to a new level of ease and efficiency.

The Lewis Housecleaner makes the wash down process simple while saving the operator valuable time. Cleanup of equipment is made easy with the standard hand gun feature found on the Housecleaner.

The patented Lewis Litter Blade gets in those hard to access corners and side walls allowing for a more thorough cleanout process.

The Dump Body Housekeeper is the perfect answer when stockpiling litter and comes in 4 different models to accommodate various conditions.

If spreading is all that is needed, then the Lewis Spreader Body is the right choice for ‘in-the-field’ as well as placing new shavings in the house.

The Windrower is the right choice for a single machine that can perform all the steps necessary for ‘in-house’ composting and windrowing.