CRUSTBUSTER 3 2 compressed

The Crustbuster Pays For Itself With Big Labor Savings & Increased Production!

It's built for high performance and low maintenance. Our Crustbuster attaches to Standard Class II 3-Point Tractor Hitch with No Special Equipment required.


  • Built for high performance, low maintenance
  • Attaches to Standard Class II 3-Point Tractor Hitch- No Special Equipment required
  • Total Hydraulic Operation. Pump Mounts Securely to the Tractor PTO Output Shaft
  • Less maintenance required than shaft type designs, and much safer
  • Cutting Blade design helps control depth of operation
  • Bolt-on tines for fast and simple replacement
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Breaks up cake material and conditions
  • Litter Removes moisture and reduces ammonia.