MANTIS ComposT Twin 1

The Mantis ComposT-Twin revolutionized the composting process with this large-capacity, dual compost tumbler. The easy-use, high-efficiency unit, has twin chambers and holds almost 25 cubic feet of compostable material (10 bushels in each side). An improvement on single-bin composters, this Mantis composter lets compost “cook” in one composting bin while adding more kitchen and yard scraps to the second composting bin, making a constant supply of compost.

  • Aerator vents on doors let air into the tumbler bins.
  • Vented end caps maximize air flow and proper drainage.
  • Compost bin contents are totally enclosed.
  • Doors latch snugly so odors stay in and pests and wildlife stay out.
  • No ugly messy piles to deal with.


Make twice the compost in less time with the Mantis ComposT-Twin!

The Ergonomic and Easy-to-Turn Two-Bin Rotating Composter
The easy-crank handle and gear mechanisms turn both drums simultaneously; even when fully loaded! The ComposT-Twin drum sits 32 inches off-the-ground on a sturdy, tubular steel frame. Easy to load. Convenient to unload finished compost right into a wheelbarrow or garden cart.

Aeration and drainage units on drums and doors
Vented doors let oxygen enter the composter. Allows excess moisture to drain and permits collection of “compost tea”. Vented end caps on drums assure proper air flow and moisture control. Speeds up decomposition and proper drainage.

Fully enclosed with secure doors and latches
Mantis Compost-Twin fully enclosed design keeps rodents and wildlife out, while keeping odors under control. Twin latches on doors ensure contents stay inside the rotating composter while turning.

Holds 20 bushels of compostable material
ComposT-Twin makes a constant supply of compost. 25-cubic foot capacity (almost 10 bushels in each rotating bin). Equivalent of almost three 30-gallon trash bags of fresh compost!

Interior mixing "fins"
Built-in mixing fins mix materials as the compost tumbler is rotated. Keeps contents from sticking to sides of compost drum.

Doors are removable
For easy loading of materials and unloading of finished compost.

Durable, sturdy construction
Drums are rust-resistant galvannealed steel. End caps and divider is BPA-free, food grade plastic. Steel frame.

Drum Capacity

12 cu. ft. in each side. Two 10-bushel capacity bins (186 gallons total) for composting. Each side holds approximately three 30-gallon trash bags of material.

Drum Materials

Non-toxic powder-coated galvannealed steel, rust-resistant. End caps and divider made from BPA-free, food grade plastic.


Steel frame; sits 32” off the ground.


65” W x 66” H x 41” D

Drum Height

32″ off the ground


Aerator/Drainage units on the door

Air Circulation

Screened vents in the end caps


Gear-driven handle on frame



Time to Finish Compost

Finished compost in 4 to 6 weeks* | * Compost times depend on ambient temperature and combination of materials being composted.


2 years