Easy Spin ComposTumbler

Easy Spin ComposTumbler

Makes compost in as little as 4 to 6 weeks*

The Easy Spin ComposTumbler is the perfect back yard and urban composter, making compost in as little as 4-6 weeks* from everyday kitchen refuse. This economical, small composter fits comfortably on the patio, deck, porch, outside the kitchen door or alongside the recycling bin.

Easy Spin ComposTumbler Features

Contains up to 4 bushels of composting materials

As much compost as you need for smaller gardens and flower boxes.

Turning Grooves

Allows for easy gripping and rotating the compost bin.

Aerator/drainage unit on the bottom – Combined with screened side vents

Aeration allows for necessary air-intake, and release of excessive moisture,known as ‘compost tea’, with no compost spillage.

Insulated high-density polyethylene drum

Fluctuations in temperature are no problem with the Easy Spin ComposTumbler – make compost in cooler weather.