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  • Welded, Epoxy-coated Frame
  • Finger-tip Adjustable Rate Control


Dry Weight (lbs) 26.8 lbs
Hopper Height (in) 27 in
Handle Length (in) 36 in
Hopper Capacity (lbs) 1.3 cu. ft.
Tires (in) 13 in. diameter
Frame Metal

Accessories and Attachments

Part No. 82002   Safety Helmet Set
Designed specifically for the commercial end-user. Durable nylon six-point fabric head harness helmet, wire mesh face protector, and ear muffs.

Part No. 14606   Hopper Cover
Keeps debris and moisture out of hopper 

Part No. 569041   Ice Melt Deflector
Restrics overthrow into lawns or unwanted areas

Part No. 81214 Side Deflector
Protects sensitive flowers and plants from chemicals.  The side deflector is simple to attach and is easily repositioned when not needed.  Fits the RS76.