Bale Processors

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Vermeer bale processors help you make the best use of your bales with the least amount of labor, and give you the versatility you need to process round bales or large square bales with an optional kit.

Changing the feeding location promotes a healthier open-range feeding environment and reduces manure-handling issues.

Each processor quickly unrolls bales into windrows that give all the cattle equal feeding room. As the bales are processed, dust and mold are blown away and the hay is aerated, becoming more palatable for your herd. Reclaim and protect seeding areas by mulching straw and spreading it up to 40' (12.19 m) away.

Equipment modelBale size capacityHorsepower Required
BPX9000 Two Bales, 6' x 5' 85 hp (63.4 kw)
Catapult CPX9000 Two bales, 6' x 5' (1.8 x 1.5 m) 110 hp (82 kw)
Final Cut FPX9000 Two bales, 6' x 5' (1.8 x 1.5 m) 110 hp (82 kw)