Wacker Neuson     ET58 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia

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Wacker Neuson     ET58 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia



Flexible cylinder rod protection

  • The cylinders and the cylinder rods are protected from damage thanks to the plastic rails, which lengthens their service life and saves costs. Due to their flexible material, they return to their original shape after an impact. Their appearance and characteristics are completely retained.


3-point kinematics

  • With 3-point kinematics, the conventional bucket linkage has been taken to a new level. This "3-bolt" design extends the bucket's angle of rotation to 200 degrees - 10% more than conventional bucket linkage. This increases the vertical dig depth as well as the digging forces. This eliminates the need to reposition the excavator as often, significantly increasing efficiency.


Active Working Signal (AWS)

  • The red LED strip running diagonally over the engine hood lights up when the joystick control is pressed down. This signals to bystanders nearby that the excavator is ready for operation and can be moved at any time.


Load Sensing Flow Sharing

  • Load Sensing Flow Sharing enables precise and efficient control of the excavator. The machine adjusts to the load and the joystick movements are always kept the same for the operator.
  • The hydraulics work more efficiently, saving energy and ultimately costs. But it also makes operation easier for the operator.
  • Load-sensing systems help to regulate the flow rate according to demand. The less power is used, the lower the fuel consumption.


7-inch display and rear-view camera

  • The large, multi-functional 7-inch color display ensures a perfect overview of all the machine's functions, as well as the respective camera images. The rearview camera enables safer reversing of the excavator. In addition, the view of the machine is better when it is rotated.



Hose guidance by swiveling bracket

  • Optimum hose routing through the swiveling bracket provides the best possible protection for the hoses against external influences, which extends their service life. The field of vision is not restricted and abrasion of the hoses is significantly reduced.



Numerous attachments

  • Thanks to the optional additional control circuits, our excavators can be equipped with a variety of attachments. This way, you can increase your application options in no time and thus increase the utilization of your excavator.


Hydraulic thumb

  • The optional hydraulic thumb offers, beside a conventional bucket application, a grip function, which expands the spectrum of applications.
  • With this additional grip function, material can be cleared away quite easily.



10 large tie-downs

  • 6 large lashing eyes on the chassis frame and 4 more on the superstructure ensure easy and fast tie and secure transport of the machine.


USB port

  • Combined with a radio, the option of convenient cellphone charging is available.


Innovative front windshield system

  • The windshields can be adjusted to any condition on the construction site. Closed, they are water- and windproof. The upper front window can be pushed under the cabin roof. The lower pane serves as splash protection. The lower windshield slides behind the upper window, making it ideal for talking with colleagues. If necessary, both windows are pushed below the cabin roof, where they are stored safely.
  • The two-part front window allows for optimal ventilation in the cabin in any weather. In addition, it makes it easier to communicate with the operator. A separate removal and storage of the window is a thing of the past.
  • Significantly lower risk of damage or loss; higher level of operating comfort


Windshield wiper motor integrated in A-pillar

  • The wiping direction from top to bottom provides better cleaning, while the new positioning of the motor in the A-pillar and its cabling prevent any restriction of visibility.



LED work lights

  • The durable LED headlights enable safe working through the all-round lighting in the dark. Optimal illumination of the work area ensures a higher level of machine utilization, even in dark visibility conditions. The headlights on the chassis ensure that the work area is well illuminated, even when the machine is panning.
  • The best illumination and long service life as a result of the LED technology.


Guided track rollers outside

  • In particular for lifting heavy loads, the externally located guide track rollers as well as an optimized weight distribution give the excavators a higher lateral stability.


Hydraulic swivelling dozer blade

  • The swivel blade can be swiveled straight or variably by up to 25 degrees to the left or right. This way, the machine does not have to be reset in one direction as often during longer-lasting backfilling tasks. In the floating position, the dozer blade automatically follows the contour of the ground, so that the driver doesn’t have to make adjustments.
  • Infinitely variable swivelling with floating position for more flexibility and efficiency.


New positioning of the exhaust system

  • Hot exhaust gases are directed upwards, avoiding possible damage to people or objects. This is a particular advantage in gardening and landscaping (e.g. trench and canal construction). In addition, the stirring up of dust on the ground is considerably reduced.


High cab comfort with excellent ergonomics and air-conditioning system

  • The intuitive operating concept allows for the simple and comprehensive control of the excavator. The joystick, 3.5-inch display, jog dial, and keypad are used to operate the machine, store attachments, control auxiliary circuits or set oil quantities. The well-placed discharge nozzles create a pleasant cab temperature and enable fatigue-free working. The air conditioning system enables a cool down of up to 16 ° C/61° F (at an outside temperature of 38°C/100° F) and this in half the specified ISO standard time.


Stage V emission standards

  • To implement this European emissions directive, we install state-of-the-art engine technologies equipped with exhaust gas aftertreatment systems. DPF regeneration takes place automatically when required and during normal working operation. Therefore, no standstill regeneration is necessary and the working cycle is not interrupted. The more stable coolant temperature increases the lifetime of the diesel engine and, thanks to thermal management, also the efficiency of the cab heater.
  • New technology to increase efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions - reducing harmful diesel particulate, hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide emissions. The filter does not require additives, nor a burner or additional power sources, and the operator is not required to intervene manually.


Jog dial

  • The jog dial system, familiar from the automotive area, including a clear display, allows intuitive selection of the right operating settings via a press-push button as well as various settings via a keypad. ECO mode is the standard mode for efficient and fuel-saving work; HI mode stands for maximum pump performance and fast, powerful work and LOW mode for extremely precise, sensitive work.



Very good all-round visibility

  • The design of the machine has been specially adapted to the needs of the operator in terms of optimum visibility. For example, the right front track is very visible in the normal sitting position, which significantly increases safety for the operator and the surrounding area.
  • Everything in view - ideal view of the attachment and of the right front track as well as the side and partial rear section of the machine


Mechanical - output details

Superstructure turning speed 9 1/min
Travel speed 2.7 m/H
Break Out Force Bucket 46 kN
Break Out Force Lift Arm 28 kN

Mechanical Details

Length 238.2 "
Operating weight (min.-max.) 11,137.8 - 14,078.7 lb
Digging depth (max.) 158.1 "
Width 77.2 "
Height 105 "
Weight 10,178.75 lb


Cylinder 3,0
Cylinder capacity 101.4 Inch3
Effective power 44.9 hp
Nominal Engine speed 2,100 1/min
Battery capacity (nom. value) 77 Ah
Engine type Diesel engine
Exhaust-gas limit EU Stage V
Manufacturer Perkins
Engine designation 403J - E17T


Operating pressure 3,552.5 psi
Flow rate 33.3 gal/mi
Flow rate max. 34.9 gal/mi
Operating pressure slewing gear 209 bar
Hydraulikpump Axial piston pump

Shipping and Storage

Shipping weight 10,619.7 lb


Drive unit Axialpistonmotor with RGU