Wacker Neuson     EZ36 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia

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Wacker Neuson     EZ36 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia



Comfortable, fully glazed cab

  • The large, fully glazed and tiltable cabin with roof window offers the operator an optimal 360° visibility of his work area. This gives the operator a good view of his working area, colleagues and any dangers. Meanwhile, available despite this.
  • It can be easily disassembled for service and repair work. All hydraulic functions of the excavator meanwhile remain available despite this.


Optimized drive concept

  • The well thought-out drive concept with optimized engine-pump management allows quick and precise control of the excavator. This makes up to 15 percent faster work cycles possible. The available engine versions are low in consumption and require no exhaust after-treatment.


VDS Vertical Digging System

  • The vertical digging system compensates for slopes of up to 15 degrees, making it possible to vertically excavate on a slope. This is not only ergonomic for the operator, but it also saves time and also means less excavated material.
  • Up to 25 percent material and time savings when excavating and filling. Safe working and higher stability in sloping spaces.
  • The same swing power over 360 degrees allows fatigue-free work with the seat position remaining the same.


Zero Tail

  • When space is limited: Pivot safely, even in the tightest of spaces or right next to the wall - with the Zerotail excavator without rear overhang, no problem.
  • Optimal working in limited working conditions, high maneuverability and time savings are guaranteed.


8 large tie-downs

  • Six large tie-downs on the vehicle chassis and two on the dozer blade make loading and transport easy and safe.
  • Die Ösen sind perfekt platziert für eine sichere Befestigung der Maschine und sie sind auch für große Haken gut geeignet.



Tiltable and detachable cabin

  • The large tiltable and detachable cabin, as well as the removable chassis covers offer excellent maintenance access. The opening angle of approx. 60° makes various inspection and repair work easier.


Air-conditioning system

  • The air-conditioning system provides a pleasant and consistent temperature at the workplace. This can be set individually by hand with the blower.


Hydraulically pilot-controlled travel pedals

  • The hydraulically pilot-controlled travel pedals provide comfortable and precise control without mechanical wear. Driving with foot control leaves the hands free for other functions. This saves time and increases operating comfort.


USB port

  • Combined with a radio, the option of convenient cellphone charging is available.



Dirt-repellent travel gear

  • Less dirt is accumulated in the slanted travel gear box and, due to its special method of construction, it is also easier to clean.



Guided track rollers outside

  • In particular for lifting heavy loads, the externally located guide track rollers as well as an optimized weight distribution give the excavators a higher lateral stability.


Hydraulic swivelling dozer blade

  • The swivel blade can be swiveled straight or variably by up to 25 degrees to the left or right. This way, the machine does not have to be reset in one direction as often during longer-lasting backfilling tasks. In the floating position, the dozer blade automatically follows the contour of the ground, so that the driver doesn’t have to make adjustments.
  • Infinitely variable swivelling with floating position for more flexibility and efficiency.


Joystick operation

  • The modern joystick combines many functions with one handle: Dump actuation, speed change, direction change. All important functions in one hand so the second hand always remains on the steering wheel or free!


Jog dial

  • The jog dial system, familiar from the automotive area, including a clear display, allows intuitive selection of the right operating settings via a press-push button as well as various settings via a keypad. ECO mode is the standard mode for efficient and fuel-saving work; HI mode stands for maximum pump performance and fast, powerful work and LOW mode for extremely precise, sensitive work.



Hydraulic thumb

  • The optional hydraulic thumb offers, beside a conventional bucket application, a grip function, which expands the spectrum of applications.
  • With this additional grip function, material can be cleared away quite easily.



Flexible cylinder rod protection

  • Protective cylinder guards made of plastic keep the cylinder rods of lifting arm, bucket and dipper stick cylinders safe from damage, increasing service life and can save significant costs. The cylinder guard material is flexible, so no permanent damage occurs upon contact with foreign objects. Work interruption due to replacement is eliminated.


Mechanical - output details

Superstructure turning speed 9.5 1/min
Travel speed 2.9 m/H
Break Out Force Bucket 35 kN
Break Out Force Lift Arm 21.1 kN

Mechanical Details

Length 216.9 "
Operating weight (min.-max.) 8,196.8 - 10,901.9 lb
Digging depth (max.) 137.7 "
Width 68.9 "
Height 106.7 "


Cylinder 3,0
Cylinder capacity 100.2 Inch3
Effective power 24.4 hp
Nominal Engine speed 2,400 1/min
Battery capacity (nom. value) 71 Ah
Engine type Diesel engine
Exhaust-gas limit EU Stage V
Manufacturer Yanmar
Engine designation 3TNV88


Operating pressure 3,480 psi
Flow rate max. 31.7 gal/mi
Operating pressure slewing gear 195 bar
Hydraulikpump Axial piston and 2 gear pumps

Operating fluids

Cooling fluid volume 5.3 qt US
Hydraulic fluid volume 65 qt US

Shipping and Storage

Shipping weight 7,780.1 lb


Drive unit Axialpistonmotor with RGU