Wacker Neuson     SW32 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia

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Wacker Neuson     SW32 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia



Expansive Maintenance Access

  • Things break, and repairs are required, it's fact of life. The forward tilting cab and simple arrangement of internal components limit downtime when things go wrong.
  • A spacious engine bay, coupled with a swing up cooling package, provide convenient access to hydraulics and the engine.


Controls for Every Operator

  • Different types of controls ensure that operators with different backgrounds and experience can operate efficiently.
  • Selectable EH joystick controls: Control patterns can be toggled between ISO and H-Pattern via a switch in the cab. Sensitivity can be adjusted to the operator’s preferences. With adjustable sensitivity and control patterns, the loader is designed to fit the control preferences of nearly any user.


Filter Free After-treatment

  • Filter free, and regeneration free aftertreatment eliminates extreme heat and reduced performance during regeneration.



4 year / 4000 hour Engine Warranty

  • Kohler KDI engines come with industry-leading 4 year, 4,000 hour warranty, so both first and second life owners can be assured that their engine will be operating smoothly for years to come.


Forward Tipping Cab

  • Whether the lift arm is fully raised or on the boom stops, a forward tipping cab provides ample access to hydraulic pumps and motors.



Comfortable, Spacious Cab

  • The loader comes with a spacious extended cab, that maximizes room and comfort for the operator to move inside the cab.


Ergonomic cab design

  • From switch location and layout to an angled foot rest in the floor board, the cab was purposefully designed to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Ergonomically located handles, a wide door and step make entry and exit easy for any operator.
  • Joysticks, armrests, and seat are all connected and move as one unit making it more comfortable and easier to operate in rough environments.


Maximum Visibility

  • Low mounted tilt cylinders, expansive door, sloped rear engine compartment and large side windows maximize operator visibility in every direction.


High Hinge Pin Height

  • Maximizes loading and unloading capabilities for any industry and on any jobsite.


Two-speed transmission

  • Standard two speed transmission provides increased travel speeds to reduce work cycle times and increase productivity.


Technical Data

Mechanical - output details

Break Out Force Bucket 7,932.4 lbf
Break Out Force Lift Arm 9,371.4 lbf
Tractive Effort max. at 100% effective force 9,711.7 lbf
Travel speed stage 1 7.3 m/H
Travel speed stage 2 12.2 m/H

Mechanical Details

Overall Length without bucket 117.5 "
Overall Length with Bucket 145.4 "
Overall width without bucket 71.9 "
Overall height to top of ROPS 83.2 "
Bucket Hinge Pin Height 134.8 "
Angle of departure 23 °
Bucket dump height at maximum height 107.8 "
Bucket dump angle at maximum height 44 °
Operating weight 8,628.9 lb
Ground clearance 8.9 "
Wheelbase 49.9 "


Cylinder 4,0
Cylinder capacity 205 Inch3
Operating power 100.6 hp
Operating Engine speed 2,500 1/min
Battery capacity (nom. value) 950 Ah
Engine type Diesel engine
Manufacturer Kohler


Flow rate 25.1 gal/mi
Flow rate max. 37.2 gal/mi
Auxiliary relief pressure 3,494.5 psi

Operating fluids

Fuel Tank capacity 39.9 gal US


Tip Load 6,400 lb
Rated Operating Capacity at 50% Tip Load 3,198.9 lb