Wacker Neuson     SM120 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia

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Wacker Neuson     SM120 for sale at Mason Tractor Co. Georgia



All Day Comfort

  • Large, spring-suspended operator platform provides comfort and a stable base for the operator.
  • Fine tuned, forward angled joysticks, position the operator’s hands in a neutral position to reduce fatigue.
  • Plush padding provides comfort and stability; Additional creature comforts include a cup holder, 12v charging port and storage compartment.


Extra Wide Tracks

  • The SM120 has extra Wide Tracks that reduce ground pressure to among the lowest in the class, which reduces the potential for site damage and provides a stable ride.


Switch Functions On the Fly

  • Enables and disables ride control with press of a button.
  • Also enables the operator to quickly engage / disengage auxiliary hydraulics with the press of a button for higher efficiency and reduced cycle times.
  • Index finger actuated wheel provides operators fine control the fine control need to operate a grapple or 4-in-1 bucket.


Ride Control

  • Ride Control reduces bouncing and therefore spill off by allowing the lift arms to act as shock absorbers as the loader travels across the job site.
  • Ride Control is a togglable feature, allowing the operator to select it while traveling to a smooth out the ride and deselect it while using any attachment to provide the required precision of operation.



Industry Leading Safety Features

  • Operator presence pedal & hydraulic function lockouts prevent accidental movement of lift arm and drive functions


Enhanced Stabililty

  • Extra wide tracks provide an extra measure of side to side stability while traveling over rough terrain.



Professional Grade Undercarriage

  • Durable undercarriage reduces maintenance costs and Total Cost of Ownership through innovative design and quick maintenance.
  • Sealed idlers and triple flanged rollers provide added surface area and engagement to reduce wear and de-tracking.
  • Achieving optimal track tension is quick and painless with an integrated grease cylinder track tensioner.



Front Mounted Cooler

  • Front mounted coolers means no hot or dusty air is blown across the operator’s legs.



Premium Performance

  • The SM100 is powered by a 24.7 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine providing high torque and a flat power curve to enhance productivity through fast cycling times and expectational pushing power.
  • 13 gpm of auxiliary hydraulic flow is available to power a wide variety of money saving attachments.


Technical Data

Mechanical - output details

Ground Pressure (standard track) 2.9 psi
Travel speed 5 m/H
Break Out Force Bucket 14.4 kN
Break Out Force Lift Arm 15.1 kN

Mechanical Details

Overall Length without bucket 108.3 "
Overall Length with Bucket 126 "
Overall width without bucket 41 "
Height 58.2 "
Bucket Hinge Pin Height 85.7 "
Bucket roll back at ground 25 °
Bucket roll back at maximum height 92 °
Angle of departure 25 °
Bucket dump height at maximum height 62.8 "
Bucket dump angle at maximum height 38 °
Operating weight 3,300.3 lb
Track width 11 "
Ground clearance 7.8 "
Length of Track on Ground 43 "
Dump reach at maximum height 21.9 "


Cylinder 3,0
Cylinder capacity 77.3 Inch3
Power rating max. 24.8 hp
Operating power 24.7 hp
Operating Engine speed 2,600 1/min
Engine type Diesel engine
Manufacturer Yanmar
Engine designation 3TNV80 FT


Flow rate 12.9 gal/mi
Auxiliary relief pressure 3,045 psi

Operating fluids

Fuel Tank capacity 16.9 gal US


Tip Load 3,507.6 lb
Rated Operating Capacity at 50% Tip Load 1,752.7 lb
Rated Operating Capacity at 35% Tip Load 1,225.8 lb