About Us

Bill Tammie thumbWelcome! Tammie & I, and all our our staff, welcome you to our website; MasonTractor.com. We think MasonTractor.com will give you a great overview of the product lines and all the information you will need to make your next move in becoming a Mason Tractor Customer. 

We would like to take this opportunity to give you a little background information about our company. We are a 3rd generation dealership, founded in 1940 by C.F. “Coote” Mason. Coote started in the Ford Tractor business mainly to help local farmers here in North Georgia. Coote was still coming in to work when he was 91 years old. He passed away at the age of 95. 

His son, Bill Mason Sr., came back into the family business in 1958. Bill Sr. started expanding the business not only in volume but by adding different product lines. These additions put Mason Tractor Co. in some markets that it had not covered before. Even though the company’s background was in farm equipment, Bill Sr. got the company involved with the local logging industry. He also added both construction equipment as well as the small engine division to Mason Tractor Co.

Bill Sr.’s wife, Margaret, came into the business in the late 1960’s. The way we understand it, she was a housewife and a mother. She was asked to come into the dealership one day to help out with the books. That was all it took. 40-some odd years later, she finally came back home to be a housewife. After Mason Tractor Co. moved in late 1998, Bill Sr. and Margaret owned and operated Mason Lawn & Garden, a division of the old Mason Tractor Co., until they officially retired in 2007.

Now it comes to the 3rd generation, which is me, Bill Jr. Needless to say, I used to go to work a lot with my dad as I was growing up. I worked at Mason Tractor Co. when I was in school, but officially became an employee in 1980. My family believed in hard work so my dad, Bill Sr., had me doing anything from sweeping the floors, to repairing tires, to assembling equipment and mowing the grass- just as his dad had him do. Coote’s goal for Bill Sr. was to know how to do anything in the dealership and my dad’s goal was no different for me.

It has been 30+ years since I started in this business. In September of 1998, my wife, Tammie, and I purchased and moved the family business to a new location here in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Like any business, there have been a lot of rocky roads. We have been so blessed that my family has laid such a strong foundation. That is exactly why, in 1999, we went into the equipment rental business and in October 2005 we purchased a dealership in Cumming, Georgia. Not wanting to stop there, we purchased another dealership in January 2007 in McDonough, Georgia. In 2007, we also purchased a local retail tire store and merged it with our rental equipment store in Blue Ridge, Georgia. In April 2017, we opened up our dealership in Norcross, Georgia. Mason Tractor Hiawassee opened in August 2020 and is geared towards the small engine and powersport business. In April of 2021, Mason Tractor purchased a dealership in Villa Rica, Georgia (formally Beshears Tractor). 

Our dealerships, for the most part, carry all of the same product lines at each location. We are thankful to have the best product lines on the market. We are in the home-owner/commercial mower business. We also cater to a large home-owner/hobby farmer segment. We also work closely with members of the construction industry as well as municipalities. We carry anything from construction equipment and boom mowers to chippers and stump grinders. We have really tried to open up our business to a lot of different markets. Our goal is not to be the largest dealer, but to be the dealer our customers can trust and know that we have their best interests at heart.

Mason Tractor Co. is one of the oldest family owned farm equipment dealers in Georgia. We want to invite you to come in to one of our stores near you. Let us prove to you that we want to earn your business; not only your business, but your friendship as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and feel free to call or check us out on Facebook or Twitter! We look forward to hearing from you.


Bill and Tammie Mason